Class Descriptions


(All Levels)

Feeling playful and energetic? Elevate your practice in our signature Inspire vinyasa classes. These HOT VINYASA FLOW classes allow you to practice diverse and creative posture sequences from foundational through advanced poses and transitions. The breath will focus your mind and the movements will free your spirit. Our Inspire classes are open to all levels. Come with a desire to move, sweat, and play.

Class Types INSPIRE

  • An energetic vinyasa flow class best suited for those familiar with vinyasa yoga (some previous experience with flow yoga is highly suggested).  
  • Practiced in a HOT room - expect to sweat.
  • Varied instruction for multiple levels to interact in one vibrant class.  


(All Levels)

Feeling mindful and steady? Reward your body, mind, and spirit with our highly popular Renew classes at Inspire. Renew is a SLOW FLOW YOGA focused on deeply stretching and strengthening the muscles and joints that can get stressed and restricted over time. The pace of practice and depth of postures are well-balanced to enhance one's alignment, flexibility, strength, and knowledge of the body and self. Renew is the perfect complement to a more rigorous daily practice. Treat yourself to this class often.

Class Types RENEW

  • A hatha style class beneficial for all levels of practice and experience
  • Practiced in a WARM room - sweat potential
  • A perfect blend of in-depth seated stretches and heat-building standing postures


(All Levels)

Feeling introspecitve and gentle? Stretch and release in the Yin yoga classes at Inspire. Yin is a calm, quiet and meditative class that maintains relaxed, passive yoga postures (mostly seated and low to the ground) for 3-5 minutes at a time. A Yin practice allows time for your muscles, joints and mind to align, stretch, and release. This class is a great complement to a more rigorous daily practice and beneficial to anyone with mild injuries or decreased range of motion or mobility.

Class Types YIN

  • A foundational, hatha style class suited for all levels of experience and practice
  • Practiced in a non-heated room - low/no sweat
  • A gentle yet deep release in a nurturing and supportive environment

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